Rob’s BBQ Sauces- Award Winning!


Rob’s Rubs and Sauces         

Home of the 2017 & 2018 Best BBQ Sauce on the Planet

Frog Sauce 14.5 oz: “2017 American Royal Best Sauce on the Planet” 5 time Top ten at the American Royal. Frog Sauce Gourmet Rib Glaze is sweet and tangy all at once.  Tastes great on Pork, Beef or Chicken.

Manganero Sauce 14.5oz: “Bronze Medal @ 2018 Illinois State Championship” Literally, this sauce is hot. Nice fruity mango undertones with a huge habanero kick. Guaranteed to spice up your meat. This is for the true spicy food lovers.

Raspberry Chipotle Sauce 14.5oz: Raspberry Chipotle sauce provides the flavor of smoky chipotles, and fruity Raspberries.  This perfect fruity sweet with heat flavor is wonderful on grilled salmon, chicken, pork chops and ribs.

Sweet and Tangy Sauce 14.5oz: “2018 American Royal Best Sauce on the Planet” Also 2015 World Championship from World Hot Sauce and Extreme Sauce Awards. 3 time Top 10 winner at the American Royal, and NBBQA sauce competitions Sweet & Tangy Sauce, provides a sweet yet tangy twang that makes an amazing addition to pulled pork, chicken, and ribs.

Sweet Sophistication Sauce 14.5oz: Enjoy a premium blend of flavors and spices formulated specifically to add some sophistication to your cooking and grilling.


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