California Koroneiki “Organic” Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Robust Intensity

Our California Koroneiki “Organic” Extra Virgin Olive Oil has an herbaceous kick while remaining well-balanced between robust and fruity. It will be enjoyed for its richness, peppery burn in the throat, and bitterness in its finish.

The Koroneiki olives are organically grown on a family-owned and operated farm in Colusa and Glen Counties. The family first started with rice fields but then decided to use the fertile land to develop olive orchards and, shortly after that, added their milling facility. The onsite mill allows all aspects of making the olive oil to be handled on-site.

The olives were harvested and pressed in November 2023 to create this intense Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This olive oil is packed with flavor, so we encourage you to use it in recipes that call for a hearty olive oil with a lot of taste and character.

Use it to sauté or roast vegetables. Pour on proteins before seasoning with rubs. Drizzle on top of soups, hummus, or pizza. Also, a perfect finishing oil. You can cook with it to incorporate its high polyphenol properties into your food.


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