California Arbequina “Estate” Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Medium Intensity

    Our California Arbequina “Estate” Extra Virgin Olive Oil is our “Top Seller” for Extra Virgin. One of the Medium Intensity Extra Virgin Olive Oils in our product line.

    It is an incredibly bright-tasting Olive Oil that is well balanced in its layers of green and ripe fruit, with a hint of pepperiness in the back-end.

    Harvested and pressed in the Capay Valley region of California, it is an ideal everyday oil. Use this Extra Virgin Olive Oil to create salad dressing, for sautéing, and in your marinades. Drizzle this Olive Oil over pasta, soup, or pizza!

    Pair the Arbequina EVOO with our Traditional Aged Balsamic to create an amazing bread dipping combo, especially with a sprinkle of dipping herbs added on top.

    Recipes That Use Arbequina Blend EVOO:


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