Artisan Salami – 4th Generation, Family Owned

Milan Salami is a family owned producer of fine Italian meat products. Founded in the 1940’s in a basement in Oakland where they made Italian favorites for the local Italian community. The company out grew the basement and built a larger facility in the Berkley- Emeryville triangle in 1962. It is run by 3rd and 4th generation cure masters with over 40 years’ experience in Sausage and Salami production.

Natural, contains no nitrates or nitrites.

Due to small batch production, we don’t always have all the flavors listed below, but they all taste amazing!

Natural Uncured Salami Offerings – 8 oz 

  • All Beef: made with Lean Beef and Wine
  • Beer: infused with Beer
  • Blue Cheese: made with Blue Cheese and Wine
  • Chianti Wine: made with quality Chianti Wine & spices
  • Fennel & Pepper: with Fennel, Pepper & Pinto Grigio Wine
  • Garlic: made with Pork & Garlic flavor
  • Hot Toscana: Medium Hot with Sweet Sherry Wine
  • Pepperoni Stick: Lean Beef & Pork with medium spice
  • Rosemary Lamb: Lean Leg of Lamb with Dry Rosemary
  • San Francisco Style: Old World Italian Spice formula
  • Scorpion Pepper: Spicy & Tasty with Mescal Liquor
  • Soppressata Wine: Old World Italian Spices with Wine
  • Tomato & Basil: made with delicious basil & tomatoes


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All Beef, Beer, Blue Cheese, Chianti, Fennel & Pepper, Garlic, Hot Toscano, Pepperoni, San Francisco Style, Scorpion, Soppressata, Tomato Basil, Rosemary Lamb


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