Ok, we admit it, butter tastes amazing but if you are looking for healthier ingredients in your food, fresh More Than Olives Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be the perfect substitute.

Our helpful conversion chart makes it easy to use a healthier fat for you and your family. Olive oil can help reduce cholesterol and remove saturated fat content in recipes.

Choosing the correct intensity of extra virgin olive oil is very important. If you use olive oil that is too bold for the flavors in your dish it could be overwhelming. We have listed some recommendations for you below.    

Use a delicate intensity olive oil for baking desserts. Our More Than Olives Arbosana Extra Virgin Olive Oil is perfect. It presents with a slight olive taste and has a creamy, buttery taste in your mouth. Switch to this olive oil for cooking your morning eggs, frittatas, and potatoes. You can also drizzle it on your morning toast.

Use a medium-intensity extra virgin olive oil for sautéing vegetables, chicken, or fish like our More Than Olives Arbequina or More Than Olives Picual. You won’t miss the butter!  These olive oils have a well-balanced taste profile with layers of green and ripe fruit.

Baking with olive oil will produce a moister cake, brownie, or muffin. Try using one of our infused olive oils to add a pop of flavor. More Than Olives Blood Orange Olive Oil or More Than Olives Meyer Lemon Olive Oil are great olive oils to use in baked goods.  Our website has several dessert recipes using these products.

Savory flavored olive oils can also be used in place of butter. Try using our More Than Olives Garlic Olive Oil in your next batch of mashed potatoes. Use More Than Olives Basil Olive Oil when making focaccia bread.

Use our Butter to Olive Oil Conversion Chart to gain an important healthy source of monounsaturated fatty acids. More Than Olives only sources California’s freshest olive oils. Always the current year’s harvest and certified.   

Fresh extra virgin olive oil has many health benefits for you. It is a great source of antioxidants and polyphenols that help fight inflammation in the body. Research suggests that increased intake of fresh extra virgin olive oil is linked to lower blood pressure, which may help prevent heart disease.

Olive Oil Conversion Chart