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Mouthwatering Cucumber Skewers

Cucumber Skewers on Platter with Ingredients Next To Skewers
Cucumber Skewers Closeup on Platter

This year-round favorite is packed with flavor and can be beautifully displayed on a platter! Easy to prepare and assemble.

The amount you will need of each item will depend on how many skewers you want to make. You will want for each skewer: 1 appetizer stick, 2 cherry tomatoes, 2 mozzarella balls, and 2 cucumber rounds



Place your fresh mozzarella balls on a paper towel to let the extra moisture drain off the cheese. Place the balls in a bowl large enough for all the elements on the skewer. 

Wash your cherry tomatoes and lay them on a towel to dry. When dry, place them into the bowl. 

Cut the end tips off the cucumbers. Using a peeler, peel down the length of the cucumbers in sections to give a ribbon look to the outside of the cucumber. Cut the cucumbers into ½” rounds and add them to the bowl.

 (if you can’t find Persian Cucumbers, you can use an English Cucumber. These tend to be larger in diameter, so you may need to cube them or cut them into quarters.) 

Take the basil leaves off the stem and lay them on top of each other. Using a knife, cut down through the leaves, creating slivers. Add these into the bowl as well.  

Gently toss everything in the bowl. Sprinkle the ingredients with a bit of sea salt and freshly ground pepper.

Drizzle More Than Olives Basil Olive Oil and Traditional Aged Balsamic over the mixture. You want to drizzle just enough to coat everything. Give the mixture another gentle toss. 

The mixture can sit for a few hours in the refrigerator before skewering, giving it a gentle toss a few times. It is best if it sits for at least half an hour before skewering and serving.  

Once skewered, place them on your serving platter and drizzle the remaining marinade over the skewers. Serve and enjoy!!